5 de diciembre de 2010

Collateral War Crimes (by DCM Daily group)

[contiene conferencias, ruedas de prensa y entrevistas a Julian Assange]

Dave Manchester, Publisher, dcmDaily Group:

-The US State Department is rejecting Wikileaks Supporters because it is an organisation that has for the past 10 years at least been devoted to the prosecution of War Crimes and ensuring they remain secret. The interlocking directorate of the various elements of the US executive branch and their defense suppliers and the media owned by those suppliers has made US reform impossible (See the book "News Incorporated").

An Internationally led inquiry into these War Crimes leading to an Internationally backed set of indictments and Trials is needed if the US is ever to be brought back to the realm of International Law.

Toward that end I made a documentary about the extraordinary revelations this summer. It's called "Collateral War Crimes" and is free to download, duplicate, and distribute.

Watch: http://bit.ly/CWCShort or http://bit.ly/CWCShortV

Download (4 parts): http://bit.ly/CWCget

or http://fliiby.com/folders/133474/collateral_war_crimes.html

Further Reference:

http://twextra.com/3w6ndh Collateral War Crimes - Short Version
http://twextra.com/1mc52p Collateral War Crimes - Full Version
http://twextra.com/46pqbp Fair Use Dispute
http://twextra.com/5s2kb5 A Short Film on Privatised State Censorship-dcm

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