28 de febrero de 2010


Fuente Web Oficial Muchachada Nui (TVE)


CELEBRITIES: Arturo Pérez-Reverte

Fuente Web oficial de Muchachada Nui (TVE)

Ulysses de Joyce & La Odisea de Homero

Ulises (Ulysses) de James Joyce según Luis A. Miranda y José O. Álvarez

Ulises, una escritura sobre otras escrituras

Índice de los 18 capítulos del Ulises (Ulysses) de Joyce

Índice de los capítulos de la Odisea de Homero, relacionados con Ulises de Joyce

Relación comprimida de los viajes de Odiseo, de Troya a Itaca

Fuente http://www.youtube.com/user/literatura

Sobre Ulysses de James Joyce http://abelgalois.blogspot.com/2007/01/james-joyce-ulysses-en-dubln.html


A short film to accompany Andrew Zuckerman's Bird book
Music: Animal Collective - Seal Eyeing

Home Movies At DisneyLand 1956

San Francisco 1958

Music by Air "Alone In Kyoto"

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Fuente http://www.vimeo.com/moby/videos

27 de febrero de 2010


Directed by Robert Powers for the Moby single 'Mistake'

Dog interviews Little Idiot on bug planet

One Time We Lived

directed by Robert Powers for the single 'One Time We Lived' [Moby]

Mountain Light

by Tom Lowe @ Timescapes //www.timescapes.org/
Music is Michael Stearns

Maya Lin - Unchopping a Tree

Produced by @radical.media

Music donated by Brian Eno and Brian Loucks

Support provided by The Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation
Louis Bacon, Moore Charitable Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Découverte industrielle

Scénographie Brigitte Bouillot
Design benoît Millot
Réalisation film Brigitte Bouillot, Sebastien Jousse, benoît Millot
Production Charles Drouin / Tulipe&Compagnie


Réalisateur Benoit Millot

Chef operateur Patrice Michaux
Assistante Pauline Tonneau-Rosati
Accessoiriste Marcel Gaillard
Post production Nicolas Lichtle
Montage Laetitia Palcy
Production Tulipes & compagnie
Client Suez environnement

The White Mountain

By Charles Leung

Location: Mauna Kea, Hawai'i

Music: "That Is Why I Am On This Porch"[The Village] composed by James Newton Howard

The Sandpit: a day in the life of New York City

Especialmente recomendado ver a pantalla completa [ Please view in HD & full screen for best effect]

Precioso reportaje sobre un día cualquiera en la ciudad de Nueva York, un pequeño hormiguero humano.

Director: Sam O'Hare

Música: Human, Rosi Golan & Alex Wong

21 de febrero de 2010


Documental histórico, dirigido por Luis López-Linares y Javier Rioyo (1996)
"Asesinato de León Trotsky en México. Asesino: Ramón Mercader con la colaboración de su madre, Caridad del Río"


by Andres Salaff

The Known Universe

Fuente AMNH http://www.youtube.com/user/AMNHorg

charity: water & iGoogle Northern Ethiopia

Fuente http://www.vimeo.com/charitywater/videos

Shadowplay [ Hiroshima agosto de 1945]

Written, animated, & directed by Dan Blank

Produced by Dan Blank & Cynthia Allen

Music: Ryan Shore

Bowerbirds "In Our Talons"

Directed by Alan Poon

19 de febrero de 2010

Baby Hummingbirds - The First 21 Days

Fuente Linda McClure http://www.vimeo.com/desertnut/videos

Lily [TimeLapse]

Autor Dan Linfield

The Can [Red Bull]

written and directed by Carlos Lascano

Strawberry Swing [ Coldplay ]

directed by Ross Neil and Matt Clark

Coke: Hidden Formula

DIRECTORS David Daniels and Ray DiCarlo
STUDIO Bent Image Lab
CLIENT (spot) Coca Cola

Fartfest 4000

DIRECTOR Randy Wakerlin
CLIENT (spot) BC Dairy Foundation

I'm Impressed [ They Might Be Giants]

MUSIC BY They Might Be Giants




Narrator Andrea Schuch

Voice recorded by Angela Poschet

Animators Rob Shaw & Sarah Hulin

Sound Design Brian Kinkley

Music Sirrobrob

18 de febrero de 2010

Adobe Photoshop Cook

The simulation of a tutorial which shows how to make the lovely butter cookies with the new Adobe Photoshop Cook!

Created and directed by Maya Rota Klein

Carnivore Reflux

Directed by Eddie White & James Calvert

Written by Eddie White

Narrator John Waters

Fuente PRA http://www.vimeo.com/thepra/videos

56 Leonard Street, New York / Herzog & de Meuron


Architect Daniel Libeskind [Abu Dhabi]

Fuente http://www.vimeo.com/tronicstudio/videos

Spec Ops The Line

Directed by Marco Brambilla
Designed, Animated and Produced by Tronic Studio

current affairs


animation for DPI (Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia)

Flotando Madrid

Autor Luis Caldevilla

Construcción Obelisco de Santiago Calatrava

Fuente Fundación Caja Madrid

17 de febrero de 2010

Obelisco de Santiago Calatrava [timelapse]

Autor Luis Caldevilla

Entrevista a Luis Caldevilla (Telemadrid)





Obeliscos de Calatrava


Zanja en Madrid [timelapse]

Autor Luis Caldevilla

Noche en Blanco en Madrid [timelapse]

Autor: Luis Caldevilla

La Noche en Blanco http://lanocheenblanco.esmadrid.com/
La Noche en Blanco http://lanocheenblanco.esmadrid.com/

Sound Sculptures & Installations

Autor --> Zimoun


Augmented (hyper) Reality

Keiichi Matsuda:

A film produced for my final year Masters in Architecture, part of a larger project about the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality

Remind Me [ Röyksopp ]

Directed by Ludovic Houplan & Hervé de Crécy
Remind me won the 2002 MTV Europe Music Award for best music video

the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood

Animation: Tomas Nilsson

Music: Slagsmålsklubben [http://smk.just.nu/]

Inspired by Röyksopps [Remind Me] [http://royksopp.com/]

Firekites - AUTUMN STORY

Music video directed by Lucinda Schreiber and Yanni Kronenberg.

Music available from Spunk Records

Pipe Dreams [Animusic]

Autor http://www.animusic.com/index.php

Harmonic Voltage [Animusic]

Resonant Chamber [Animusic]

16 de febrero de 2010

Acoustic Curves [Animusic]

Sea Orchestra

Directors: Ree Treweek and Jannes Hendrikz
Producer: Nina Pfeiffer

Client/ Spot: United Airlines

Produced by Shy the Sun

Bave Circus

Réalisé par
Philippe Desfretier
Nicolas Dufresne
Sylvain Kauffmann
Martin Laugero

Musique originale de Thomas Miquel


Animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Fuente http://www.vimeo.com/user2832547/videos

Bendito Machine

Bendito Machine I

Direction, script and design: Jossie Malis
Animation: Jossie Malis and Pau Martinez
Sound: Jossie Malis and Manel Gil
Produced by Zumbakamera

Ver en Vimeo:

Bendito Machine I


The Beatles Rockband

Writer/Director: Pete Candeland

Art Director - Ryan Lesser Project Lead – Josh RandallProducer – Pete Maguire
Apple Corps:Music Producer- Giles Martin
Co-Development Producer: Anna Lord
2D Character Design/Development: Rob Valley
CG Character Design/Development: Ree Treweek [of Shy the Sun]
2D Animation Director / Layout: Rob Valley
Technical Director: Julian Hodgson
Matte Painting / Backgrounds: Alberto Mielgo, Daniel Cacouault, Lukasz Pazera, Jim Bowers, Alan Aldridge
Key Animators: Rob Valley, Jerry Forder, Pete Dodd, Daryl Graham
FX Animation: Simon Swales, Jane Wright, Chris Knott
Anmation test check: Tony Clarke
CG Modelling: Ian Brown, Adam Dewhirst, Cesar Nunes, Mario Ucci
Rigging: Chris Dawson, Francois Pons, Julian Hodgson
Animation CG: Chris Welsby, Vincent Aupetit, Dony Mahmood
Animation FX: Jamie Franks


collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

produced by Studio Cromie

music by Roberto Lange

Little Big Love

Written & animated by Tomas Mankovsky

Robothead design Fredik Tjernström

Robothead construction Jan-Louis von Dardel





Tronic Studio //French Insurance company AXA

Fuente http://www.vimeo.com/tronicstudio/videos

REULF [black & white Paris]

Directed by Quentin Carnicelli, Charles Klipfel & Jean-François Jégo

Music "Reulf" composed by Robert le magnifique & Olivier Mellano

Arts and Technologies de l'Image

Project from University of Paris VIII




Café Serré

Autores :
Vincent E Sousa
Bertrand Avril
Yann de Préval
Denis Bouyer

Fuente http://www.vimeo.com/user382828/videos



Fuente http://www.vimeo.com/user1441920/videos


Autor Monso


Autor Clemento

Hoedown from Rodeo

autora Eleanor Stewart

música 'Hoedown' from the Rodeo Suite by Aaron Copland


PIRATES!!! The Curse of the Evil Eye

Created & Directed by : Yves Geleyn & Remy Tornior

Music & Sound Design : François Montmayeur


15 de febrero de 2010

The CAT Piano

The People's Republic of Animation

Narrated by Nick Cave

Directed by Eddie White & Ari Gibson

Poem written by Eddie White



Director Peter Bunzl

Art Director Lois Hopwood

Music Bradley Miles

Director of photography Simon Vickery

Production Design Jane Linz Roberts

Script Maya Tzur & Peter Bunzl

The National Film and Television School

War School

Military training camp for child soldiers in a British school....

Writer and Director: Ben Newman
Mentor: Aoife McArdle
Music: Shy Child and Chipmunk

12 de febrero de 2010

1000 Voices / Ctrl+Alt+Shift

A verbose and politically correct bureaucrat gives a lecture to a group of teenagers on the merits of the UK's efficient and humane asylum system, whilst meanwhile, in the same building, detainees, imprisoned indefinitely in different 'Removal Centres' across the UK, leave messages in vain on an abandoned telephone answering machine in the ministry basement. Their messages detail the horror of the life that they have escaped due to conflict.

Un burócrata, políticamente correcto, da una charla a un grupo de adolescentes sobre el sistema de asilo eficaz y humano en el Reino Unido mientras, que por otra parte, en el mismo edificio, los detenidos, encarcelados indefinidamente en diferentes centros de reclusión del Reino Unido, dejan mensajes inútilmente en un contestador automático de un teléfono abandonado en el sótano del ministerio. Sus mensajes detallan el horror de la vida de la que han escapado debido a los conflictos de sus países de origen.

Writer and Director: Tim Travers Hawkins
Mentor: Chris Harding (Shynola)
Music: Jesca Hoop
Voice of Bureaucrat: Adam Buxton

The Seed

Story and direction : Johnny Kelly
Production manager: Jo Bierton
2D animation: Michael Zauner
3D animation: Eoin Coughlan

Paper modeler: Elin Svensson
Assisted by: Anna Benner
Stop frame DOP: Micolaj Jarosewicz
Stop frame animation: Matthew Cooper
Compositing: Alasdair Brotherston

Music: Jape
Sound supervisor: Mike Wyeld
Foley artist: Sue Harding

Making of 'The Seed'

8 de febrero de 2010

SWEET Dreams

Sweet Dreams [autor Kirsten Lepore]


Autores: Federica Carta Francesco Fogu Luna Gasparini Ornella Giau


Written and Directed by: Rodrigo Blaas
Produced by: Cecile Hokes
Music: Mastretta
Art Director: Alfonso Blaas
Lighting Supervisor: Jonatan Catalán
Character Technical Supervisor: Jaime Maestro
Character Design: Bolhem Bouchiba, Carlos Grangel,
Sergio Pablos, Santi Agustí
Animation: Daniel Peixe, ManueBover, Remi Hueso
Sound Design: Tom Myers and David Hughes
Post Production Coordinator: David Heras

The Third & The Seventh

/Recomendado ver a pantalla completa/



|Modelling - Texturing - Illumination - Rendering| Alex Roman


|Postproduction & Editing| Alex Roman


Sequenced, Orchestrated & Mixed by Alex Roman (Sonar & EWQLSO Gold Pro XP)

Sound Design by Alex Roman

Based on original scores by:

.Michael Laurence Edward Nyman. (The Departure)
.Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns. (Le Carnaval des animaux)

Directed by Alex Roman

Dedicado a tí, Julio... imposible ver este impresionante documento visual sin recordarte.

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