25 de abril de 2011

The Gate of Heavenly Peace

Transcripción completa del documental 

The Gate of Heavenly Peace, the film:
By Richard Gordon and Carma Hilton
Fuente http://www.tsquare.tv/film/


In the spring of 1989, Chinese students and workers occupied Beijing's Tiananmen Square and began the largest nonviolent political protest in China's history. At the height of the movement, over one million people marched in the streets of Beijing. The movement ended with the government's crackdown and the Beijing massacre of June 4.
Witnessed on television by millions around the world, the Tiananmen protests were one of the most watched, yet least understood, stories of our time. This website explores the origins and history of the protests, the intense international media coverage, and underlying themes such as democracy, human rights, reform and revolution, and nationalism. The site contains articles, essays, and book excerpts, atour of Tiananmen Square, and a Media Library with posters, photographs, music, and videos.
This site also includes extensive information about the feature-length documentary The Gate of Heavenly Peace, "a deep, powerful and rivetingly complex study of Tiananmen." (Newsweek, October 9, 1995). View excerpts from The Gate of Heavenly Peace

Click on the following links  to view excerpts from The Gate of Heavenly Peace:

Click on the following links to view excerpts from The Gate of Heavenly Peace featuring Liu Xiaobo:


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